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Individual and Group Coaching

I offer Life Coaching, Health Coaching and Personal Styling.

You don’t have to do all three.  You can mix and match, whatever works best for you!  However, sessions in each area would be the most beneficial…. and definitely the most fun! 🙂


Free 1 hour Reiki Session with every referral.


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Personal Stylist

Dress for an Interview // Well Beaming // Lindsay Agnew

Having “good style” is NOT about wearing the best brands. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It is about wearing what you love and adding personal touches that reflect who YOU are. It’s about having fun and celebrating your body!

What can I expect?

  • Learn the basic fundamentals of how to put together an outfit and the pieces every girl should have in her wardrobe.
  • Go through your closet and get rid of the pieces you don’t like or never wear.
  • Identify the missing pieces you need to maximize your wardrobe.
  • Create about 10 – 20 looks based on what you already have.
  • Personal Shopping – fill in the gaps and create looks with new merchandise.
Want tips on styling (guys too!)?
Click here for >>>  My 5 tips for putting together the perfect interview outfit.

Life Coach

Lindsay Agnew // Well BeamingWhy is a Life Coach helpful?

Have you ever felt stuck? I sure have! A Life Coach helps you identify and release emotional blockages so you can sustainably move forward in your life. I give you the tools and encouragement to restore the balance in your life and develop your inner wisdom!


What can I expect?

  • Initial assessment of your overall health & well-being.
  • Identify what your goals are, what you want to get out of this program and how we can get you there.
  • Address the areas in your life you wish to improve upon.
  • Identify the behaviors you wish you could change but can’t seem to get to click.
  • Create solutions to the areas in your life that feel overwhelming.
  • Identify all underlying causes, which are preventing you from feeling your VERY best!
  • Optional:  The use of a natural healing processes called Reiki to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Health Coach


Healthy Salad, Lindsay Agnew // Well BeamingWhat is a Health Coach?

How many times have you tried a diet only to get discourage and give up after a month? Do you ever wish you could just have a flexible, healthy lifestyle? Well, you can & I can help! A Health Coach is a supportive mentor who not only provides nutritional education but also, empowers clients to achieve their personal wellness goals. We help with basic health concerns, identify the issues preventing you from reaching your desired health goals and focus on resorting the balance in all aspects of your life.


What can I expect?

  • Basic nutrition education.
  • Identify health concerns, if any.
  • Learn what real health actually is.
  • Understanding the emotional relationship, we ALL have with food.
  • Deconstructing the root causes of cravings.
  • Tailor made services including: meal plans, going through kitchen cabinets, education on how to read food labels, grocery shopping with clients, education on how to maintain your health while dining out or traveling, etc.
  • Optional:  The use of a natural healing processes called Reiki to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Please Note: If you currently have health issues, always consult your doctor before beginning any major changes. The information I provide should not be substituted for medical advice given by your doctor.

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