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My Sound Bath in the Desert

I just got back from 5 days in Palm Springs and, for so many reasons, it was fantastic. One of the very best parts {{aside from the beautiful wedding I attended}}, I visited a place definitely worth putting on your bucket list.  It is called the Integratron. The...

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Make Meditation Work for You!

Everyday it seems we hear more and more about the power of meditation. I can say from my own experience, it has greatly improved my overall well being. We hold stress on a cellular level {{stress has memory}} and meditation helps to start recoil that stress. In...

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Feel Confident Now & Step Up Your Style

Though my professional experience at Nordstrom and personal touch, I will show you how to always look put-together.  Join me with Paula Vail on Wbtvn TV Women's Broadcast Television Network to show the impact of a few fashion tips.  https://youtu.be/QeA8_-QiLQg...

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Thoughts to Energy

Sometimes we don't realize how much our thoughts are preventing us from getting and/or feeling the way we want. Check out this little video to help start shifting your energy to support the experiences you wish to have! Hope you...

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Manifesting Workshop

Learn about Manifesting - Part 1 & Part 2 Objective:  You will have a better recognition of the energy you are currently putting out and how to start manifesting what you truly desire. What do you think manifesting is?  It is allowing for the best-case scenario...

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