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Overcome Fear of Failure – Part 1

“Faith & fear both demand you believe in something you cannot see. You choose!” – Bob Proctor I say the above quote to myself about 20 times a day. In my opinion, fear and faith are the same thing. Why? Because neither tangibly exists but you can feel...

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The Secret about Confidence – Part 1

  Confidence is not about being the smartest, most talented or the wealthiest person in the room. It also doesn’t matter where you are in relation to your goals – you can still be confident. The secret to confidence all comes down to your energy – the...

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How to Bounce Back after Traveling

This past weekend I was in San Diego & I can’t tell you how lovely it was. Not only was it great visiting friends and family but to get a break from the day-to-day was priceless. I actually forgot how important vacation is for the mind, body & soul...

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Help Strengthen Your Intuition

Our intuition is more powerful than anything else we have. It is our own inner guiding system telling us exactly what we need to do, where we need to go, and what we need to know. If you think about it, it is incredible we have this. & it is in our...

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How to Turn Around Negative Emotion

  I wanted to do something a little different on the blog today and share two of my favorite videos to help you turn around any negative emotion. Because I had to do this just the other day. On Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling a bit off. Why?...

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4 Tips for More Energy!

I don’t know about you but nothing energizes me more than sunshine. When the sun is out everything seems a little bit easier – tackling my to-do list, hopping out of bed in the morning, making it to that evening workout class. It all gets done with a bit...

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How To Break Unwanted Patterns

Last Sunday, I hosted a workshop on breaking emotional patterns at TulaFest. It was an absolute blast and I wanted to share two of the take aways (tips) from the session. We all have tons of patterns. Both wanted and unwanted. The interesting thing about all patterns...

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Whenever I go to write a blog, I often don’t know what it will be about until I start typing. Not only do I enjoy the unfolding of what will come out, but more importantly, I trust that my intuition will show me what to write. Each week this strengthens my...

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