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How To Break Unwanted Patterns

Last Sunday, I hosted a workshop on breaking emotional patterns at TulaFest. It was an absolute blast and I wanted to share two of the take aways (tips) from the session. We all have tons of patterns. Both wanted and unwanted. The interesting thing about all patterns...

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Whenever I go to write a blog, I often don’t know what it will be about until I start typing. Not only do I enjoy the unfolding of what will come out, but more importantly, I trust that my intuition will show me what to write. Each week this strengthens my...

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All You Need Is 1%

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on lessons I learned while at a workshop hosted by Abraham Hicks {{in case you missed it click here}} The major take-away from it: our number one goal should be to feel good each day. Now I know that might sound like...

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Stop Your Inner Critic in its Tracks!

This has been coming up so much, lately. I’ve seen it in myself, my clients, my friends, my family & really, just about everyone. Gosh, we can be so hard on ourselves. Like, if we make even the tiniest mistake or the words don’t come out just perfect then we have...

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How to Beat the Burnout – Part 2

I sincerely hope last week’s post has helped and you’ve been able to implement the tips I shared. {{If you missed Part 1, you can get all the scoop right here!}} In fact, I hope you are sipping on lemon water while turning down a dinner party you don’t really want to...

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How to Beat the Burnout

The summer is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m sure I’m not alone here. What is interesting; however, is I have found people’s anxiety & stress can actually go up during the summer {{as it can during the holidays too}}. Wait. Really? You would think with...

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Top 3 things I’ve Learned my First Year

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln Well Beaming turned ONE. Yay! I wanted to take the time to reflect and share the top 3 things that not only grew my business but also helped {{and healed}} me as a person. Because if there is one...

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My Health Journey – Part 2

Last week you heard the first part of my story, or what I like to call, The Struggle. The struggle to feel well - The struggle to get answers - The internal struggle between what I thought and everyone else. {{If you didn’t get a chance to check out Part 1, click...

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