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Well Beaming Lindsay Agnew Life Coach

Life Coach

Overcome personal blockages through a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection!

Well Beaming Life Coach Lindsay Agnew

Health Coach

Love your body & feel your best without the restrictions of a diet!

Well Beaming Stylist Lindsay Agnew

Personal Stylist

Love the way you dress & amp up your style using my styling tips that work no matter the occasion!

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Happy Customers


Working with Lindsay has been such an amazing experience. Getting dressed every day for television is a full time job for me, let alone trying to look put together in real life! She asked me tons of questions about my personal style and brand to get a feeling for the look I like and am going for and then came over to look through my closet. I would say we got rid of half of my closet as so much of it was either not being worn or completely off brand. Then she put together outfits with what I had and totally blew my mind… I would have never thought to mix and match the way she did. We went shopping together keeping in mind what I already own, and were able to get some great staple pieces and new outfits. I finally feel like I can dress myself in the morning without having to worry if things look right or if I am on brand. Linds is my fashion savior! Plus, she is the sweetest, most thoughtful person to work with. She really cares about her clients and their happiness so much.

Kelli Tennant

Spectrum SportsNet/SportsNet LA Host | Global Grins Board of Directors , twitter & Instagram: @kellitennant.

Lindsay and I met at work and we bonded immediately. Not only did she teach me how to use all of the clothes, shoes, and jewelry in my closet, but she also taught me how to love my body. After looking through my closet her and I shopped for a few essential timeless items that helped enhance my existing wardrobe. Before I left town for a 12-day work trip, Lindsay spent the day with me helping to fashion each day’s outfit which allowed me to pack exactly what I needed and not over-pack. Lindsay is honest, yet compassionate. I highly recommend her!

Maddie P.

Lindsay is such a good listener that when you speak to her, you hear yourself more clearly.   You see yourself more clearly.  You see yourself more fully.  You might feel completely turned around, but she intuitively knows the answers you are looking for.


Lindsay is one-of-a-kind. She is equally as gifted and talented as she is professional and genuine. Her intuition and perception is awe-inspiring and her method is incredibly polished and on point. After only one appointment, I walked away feeling not only balanced but inspired to take action on becoming the best version of myself. I was also impressed how much guidance she was able to perceive and give after such a short amount of time. She is a true treasure and I feel blessed to have come in contact with her services.

Elizabeth D

My Philosophy

Health and happiness are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are one and the same. There is a HUGE mind-body connection that influences everything from how we eat, to how we dress, our energy levels and our overall life style. As a certified health coach, life coach and personal stylist, I can help you identify the underlying causes that are preventing your from reaching your goals and give you the tools to create sustainable, behavior changes. ie- help you, help yourself!

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